Getting to Dolphin Marina and Cottages is half the fun... take it slow & easy!

Luckily for you, there is only one road into and out of the Florida Keys. That makes it pretty hard to get lost on the way (once you arrive it's o.k. to get lost though). Nevertheless, we're going to spell it out for you here.

If you are driving from Florida's west coast, get on Highway 75 South and take it across the Everglades until it intersects the Florida Turnpike. You will continue South until you see a sign for Key West (the Turnpike extension). Simply go all the way until it ends in Florida City. You are close! Continue driving for an additional 2 miles or so until you reach the 18-Mile Stretch. If you pass the "Last Chance Saloon", you're on the right track.

From here it's easy. Keep heading South through the upper & middle Florida Keys. You will reach the Dolphin Marina and Cottages in about 2 hours (drive hurries!) As you head South, we are located on the left at Mile Marker 28.5.

Arriving from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale areas (including the airports), locate and get on the above-mentioned Florida Turnpike (from the airports follow the signs or ask your car rental agent). Once you are on the Turnpike, just follow the above directions.

Located at the intersection of 24.39.95° North latitude & 81.23.28° West longitude.

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